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Here you will find the widest range of recordings and books relating to East Anglian traditional music anywhere in the world!


New: I Thought I Was the Only One - CD & DVD of dulcimer players from East Anglia.



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TSCD676D The Barley Mow



Astonishing field recordings and a film made in Suffolk by Peter Kennedy in the 1950s, a rich record of a community steeped in traditional song and singing.

As early as 1949, Peter Kennedy had begun making field recordings of traditional music in the West Country of England on his own initiative and at his own expense with a factory prototype tape recorder lent to him by a friend. During the time the recordings included in this CD/DVD collection were made, 1953-1956, Peter was working part-time for the EFDSS and part-time for the BBC, and in his free time he engaged in projects of his own and those he    shared with Alan Lomax; although Peter undertook his own recording trips to Suffolk in 1952, he and Lomax did not meet up in Suffolk until October 10th 1953, to record singers at the Ship in Blaxhall, then onto Sweffling the following day to record Harry List. Peter had been keen to record traditional music and dance performance on film, and Lomax attended the first day of filming at the Ship in November 1955. June 1956 saw Peter in the area again, this time recording Phoebe Smith, her neighbour Jim Baldry, Bob Roberts, Jumbo

Brightwell and Edgar Button. With this wealth of recorded material, Peter laid the foundations for future research into a region rich in traditional music, dance and song.


Track list - £13.99 (CD & DVD) + P&P   Add to basket


VTC2CD  Songs Sung in Suffolk


‘Popular Folk Songs, Old Songs and Ballads sung by traditional singers from Suffolk’

Fred Whiting (Kenton) Ted Chaplin (Wingfield) Gordon Woods (Framsden) Charlie Hancy (Bungay) Geoff Ling (Blaxhall) Charlie Stringer (Wickham Skeith) Tom Smith (Thorpe Morieux) Tony Harvey (Tannington) Cyril Barber (Felsham) Harry Chambers (Dennington) Manny Aldous (Great Bricett)



Track list - £11.99 + P&P  Add to Basket



VTC3CD  Comic Songs Sung in Suffolk


‘Comic Songs, Music Hall Songs & Parodies sung by traditional singers from Suffolk’

Clifford Arbon (Monewden) Charlie Hancy (Bungay) Tom Smith (Thorpe Morieux) Ted Chaplin (Wingfield) Geoff Ling (Blaxhall) Wallie Syer (Bildeston)  Tony Harvey (Tannington) Hubert Smith (Thorpe Morieux) Gordon Woods (Framsden) Manny Aldous (Great Bricett) Cyril Barber (Felsham) Hubert Freeman (Bedingfield).


Track list   This is now a digital download only release


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Comic Songs Sung in Suffolk - Amazon   £7.49 (89p)   Amazon.co.uk  




VT130CD  Who Owns the Game?


‘Traditional songs and melodeon tunes from Central Suffolk’

Cecil Pearl (Claydon) Charlie Stringer (Wickham Skeith) Dolly Curtis (Dennington) Fred Whiting (Kenton) Cyril Barber (Felsham) Roy Last (Mendlesham Green)


Track list - £11.95 + P&P   Add to Basket




VT136CD The Yellow Handkerchief - Phoebe Smith


Traditional songs & ballads from England’s greatest gypsy singer, who lived much of her life in Melton near Woodbridge in Suffolk.


Track list - £11.95 + P&P  Add to Basket 






VT140CD  Good Order


'Traditional singing and music from the Eel’s Foot’

Mrs Howard, Jumbo Brightwell, Fred Ginger, Jack Clark,  Velvet Brightwell,  Tom Goddard,  Douglas Morling, Harry ‘Crutter’ Cook,  Edgar Button,  Albert ‘Diddy’ Cook,  Alec Bloomfield,  Jack ‘Dot’ Button.


Track list - £11.95 + P&P Add to Basket   




VT154CD Good Hearted Fellows


'Traditional song, music hall songs and tunes from Suffolk recorded by Keith Summers'

Ted Laurence (Shelfhanger) Fred List (Framlingham) Jimmy Knights (Debach)  Fred Went (Ufford)  Alec Bloomfield (Benhall) Fred Whiting (Kenton) Billy List (Brundish) Dolly Curtis (Dennington) Charlie Whiting (Southolt) Ted Cobbin (Great Glenham) Jumbo Brightwell (Leitson) Geoff Ling (Blaxhall) Harkie Nesling (Bedfield) George Ling (Blaxhall) Albert Smith (Butley) Dinks Cooper (Walberswick) Cecil Fisk (Bedingfield) Font Whatling (Worlingworth) 


Track list - £11.95 + P&P   Add to Basket  


VTDC8CD Many a Good Horseman


'Traditional Music Making from Mid-Suffolk recorded 1958 - 1993'

Gordon Syrett (Mendlesham Green) Roy Last (Stonham) Reg Pyett (Mendlesham) Emily Sparkes (Rattlesden)  Jack Pearson (Wickham Skeith) Charlie Carver (Tostock) Charlie Griggs (Stowmarket) Tom Williams (Stowupland ) Emma Briggs (Thwaite) John Mitchell (Forward Green) Stan Steggles (Rattlesden) George Wade (Stowmarket) Ernie Lyas (Stowmarket) 'Gipsy' Charlie (Tostock) Clement Pearson (Wickham Skeith) Charlie Stringer (Wickham Skeith) Ernie Nunn (Wetheringsett) Doddy Thorndyke (Stowmarket) 'Lubidy' Rice (Finningham) Bill Smith (Walsham-le-Willows) Andy Austin (Woolpit) Jimmy Gladwell's Band (Stowmarket)  'Tinker' Parker (Mendlesham

                                                      Green) Bert Allen (Tostock) Glynn Griffiths (Cockfield) Hubert Smith (Thorpe Morieux) Tom Smith

                                                      (Thorpe Morieux)


This collection tracks John Howson's survey of traditional music making in Mid-Suffolk and includes not only his contemporary recordings, but also fascinating archival recordings made by the few other collectors who ventured into the area. In 1993 these recordings were released as a double cassette. The original recordings, some made as early as 1958, are now housed in the National Sound Archive at the British Library in London so that they are archived for the future. They have now also been digitally edited and enhanced, using modern technology, and are now available for the first time as a double CD which consists of two 39 track CDs each lasting 75 minutes, giving a total running time of two-and-a-half hours. It also comes with a new 32-page booklet, which includes biographies and photographs of each of the performers, as well as extensive notes about the songs and tunes.


Mid-Suffolk was almost virgin territory when this original survey was done in the mid 1980s, and a rich and diverse musical tradition, not unlike that of East Suffolk, was found. Memories and photographs of the musicians, singers, stepdancers and broom dancers are published in the book of the same name which can be found in the Books section above. Go to ENB3.


Track list - Double CD - £14.95 + P&P Add to Basket


CD & Book (ENB3) -  £19.99 + P&P Add to Basket



MTCD301-2 A Broadside - Bob Hart


46 tracks from recordings made by Rod Stradling and Bill Leader of this important Suffolk singer. Comes with a A5 booklet.


Track list - Double CDR - £15.99 + P&P Add to Basket










MTCD303 Plenty of Thyme - Cyril Poacher


Compilation of recordings of the great Suffolk traditional singer from Blaxhall.


Track list - CDR - £11.99 + P&P  Add to Basket









 Norfolk CDs    View Basket


VT152CD The Barford Angel - Billy Bennington


'Norfolk Dulcimer and Dialect'

Re-release of the classic album on CD, which now includes several stories about Billy's exploits while travelling around the pubs of rural Norfolk, plus nine extra music tracks from the Topic LP 'English Country Music from East Anglia'.


Track list - £11.95 + P&P   Add to Basket




TSCD511 Now is the time for Fishing - Sam Larner


Cover picture

Norfolk singer and raconteur, recorded by Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger in the late 1950s, including some fascinating dialogue about the songs and his life as a fisherman.


Track list - £11.99 + P&P Add to Basket





TSCD512D The Bonny Labouring Boy - Harry Cox


Cover picture

A lavish production with extensive notes in a 'Voice of the People' style case. 54 tracks from one of Norfolk's finest singers.


Track list - Double CD - £15.99 + P&P Add to Basket






TSCD514 A World Without Horses - Walter Pardon


Cover picture

Walter's songs lay undiscovered for many years, as they were only sung at home, until folklorists were alerted to his extensive repertoire. Here are some of Walter's finest recordings.


Track list - £11.99 + P&P Add to Basket






MTCD305-6 Put a bit of powder on it, Father - Walter Pardon


A double album of the recordings not used on Walter Pardon's Topic CD.


Track List - Double CDR - £15.99 + P&P Add to Basket










TSCD607 English Country Music


Cover picture

This is an essential CD for anyone interested in traditional music from the East Anglia. Recorded in Norfolk with Billy Cooper on dulcimer, Walter and Daisy Bulwer on fiddle and piano and Reg Hall on melodeon.


Track List - £11.99 + P&P  Add to Basket






 East Anglia CDs    View Basket


VTDC12CD I Thought I was the Only One


'Dulcimer players from East Anglia - archival recordings and a film of Billy Bennington'

Billy Bennington Walter Jeary Jimmy Roger Mollie Whitaker Billy Cooper Tommy Sparkes

Oswald Stammers Charlie Philpot  Reg Reader


Track list - £15.99 + P&P  Add to Basket





VT150CD Heel & Toe


‘Traditional folk songs, music hall songs & tunes from Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex’

Percy Brown  Reg Bacon  Charlie Giddings  Billy Cooper  Walter & Daisy Bulwer 

Hockey Feltwell  George Green  Billy Rash  Alan Pate


Track list - £11.95 + P&P  Add to Basket




VTVS05/06  The Pigeon on the Gate



'Melodeon Players from East Anglia'

Fred List  Dolly Curtis  Ben Youngs  George  Woolnough  Charlie Plant  Peter Plant  Geoff Mayes  Fred Pearce  Clifford Arbon  Cyril Barber  Cecil Pearl  Bert Mayes  Font Whatling  Oscar Woods  Jen Newson  George Green  Mr Potter  Monty Chapman  Charlie Cutmore  Harry De Caux  Sonny Barber  Harry Cox  Charlie Buller  George Craske  John Woodrow  Billy Patterson Bob Davies  Percy Brown


The melodeon has, over the years, been more popular in East Anglia than anywhere else in England. 111 tracks of traditional melodeon playing from, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, including 17 tracks of Oscar Woods from Benhall in East Suffolk and 23 from the other legendary player Percy Brown from Aylsham in Norfolk.


Track List - Double CD - £14.95 + P&P  Add to Basket  



OH-1CD The Old Hat Concert Party


East Anglian music, song  stepdancing recorded 'live' in a Suffolk pub with Katie Howson, Reg Reader, Adrian Turner, Font Whatling, Cyril Barber, Ted Chaplin, Tony Harvey, Des Miller, David Webb and Ted Stevens.

Track List - £11.99 + P&P  Add to Basket






 Compilations which include East Anglian singers and musicians    View Basket


VTC1CD  Stepping it Out!


'Traditional folk music, songs and dances from England'

Includes: Walter Pardon (Norfolk), Manny Aldous (Suffolk), Geoff Ling (Suffolk), Ted Quantrill (Suffolk), Fred Whiting (Suffolk), Tony Harvey (Suffolk) and Gordon Woods. (Suffolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £11.95 + P&P  Add to Basket




VTC4CD   Down in the Fields


‘An anthology of traditional folk music from Rural England’

Includes: Billy Bennington (Norfolk) and Hubert Freeman (Suffolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £11.95 + P&P   Add to Basket  





VTC5CD   When the Wind Blows


‘An anthology of traditional music from coastal England’

Includes: Walter Pardon (Norfolk), Bob Davis (Norfolk), Harold Smy (Suffolk), Ted Chaplin (Suffolk), John 'Dusso' Winter (Suffolk), Fred Whiting (Suffolk), Ted Quantrill (Suffolk) and Percy Brown & Dick Hewitt (Norfolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £11.95 + P&P   Add to Basket




VTC6CD   It was on a market day - One


‘English traditional folk singers - One’

Includes: Fred Whiting (Suffolk) and Geoff Ling (Suffolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £11.95 + P&P   Add to Basket





VTC7CD   It was on a market day - Two


‘English traditional folk singers - Two’

Includes: Walter Pardon (Norfolk), Ted Chaplin  (Suffolk) and Charlie Hancy  (Suffolk)

Tracks from East Anglia - £11.95 + P&P  Add to Basket




TSCD600 Hidden English



Cover picture

The Who's Who of English traditional singers and musicians, selected mainly from the Topic records back catalogue and includes: Walter Bulwer, Billy Cooper, Reg Hall, Daisy Bulwer, Mervyn Plunkett & Russell Wortley (Norfolk),  Walter Pardon (Norfolk), Billy Bennington (Norfolk), Cyril Poacher (Suffolk), Phoebe Smith (Suffolk), Bob Hart (Suffolk) Oscar Woods (Suffolk), Harry Cox (Norfolk), Eely Whent (Suffolk), Bob Roberts (Suffolk), Sam Larner (Norfolk).


Tracks from East Anglia - £11.99 + P&P   Add to Basket




MTCD311- 2  Up in the North, Down in the South


A selection of Mike Yates' recordings from around the country including Norfolk.


Tracks from East Anglia - (double CDR) £15.99 + P&P Add to Basket







TSCD651 Come Let Us Buy the Licence


Cover picture

An anthology of 'Songs of courtship & marriage'

Includes: Geoff Ling (Suffolk), Harry Cox (Norfolk) and Walter Pardon (Norfolk).


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P  Add to Basket




TSCD652 My Ship Shall Sail the Ocean


Cover picture

An anthology of 'Songs of tempest & sea battles, sailor lads & fishermen' 

Includes: Cyril Poacher (Suffolk), Sam Larner (Norfolk), George Ling (Suffolk), Walter Pardon (Norfolk), Harry Cox (Norfolk), Bob Hart (Suffolk) and Bob Roberts (Suffolk).

Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P  Add to Basket




TSCD653 O'er His Grave the Grass Grew Green


Cover picture

An anthology of 'Tragic ballads'

Includes: Jumbo Brightwell (Suffolk) and Phoebe Smith (Suffolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket





TSCD654  Farewell, my Own Native Land


Cover pictureAn anthology of 'Songs of exile & emigration'

Includes: Walter Pardon (Norfolk) and Cyril Poacher (Suffolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket






TSCD655 Come All my Lads That Follow the Plough


Cover picture

An anthology of songs about 'The life of rural working men & women' 

Includes: Sam Larner (Norfolk), Bob Hart (Suffolk) and Hockey Feltwell (Norfolk)

Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket






TSCD656  Tonight I'll Make You My Bride


Cover picture

An anthology of 'Ballads of true & false lovers'

Includes: Walter Pardon (Norfolk), Jimmy Knights (Suffolk), Cyril Poacher ( Suffolk) and Phoebe Smith (Suffolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket






TSCD658 A Story I'm Just About to Tell


Cover picture

An anthology of songs about 'Local events & national issues'

Includes: Bob Hart (Suffolk) and Cyril Poacher (Suffolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P  Add to Basket






TSCD659  Rig-A-Jig-Jig



Cover picture

An anthology of 'Dance music of the south of England'

Includes: Percy Brown (Norfolk), Oscar Woods (Suffolk), Walter Bulwer (Norfolk), Font Whatling (Suffolk), Billy Cooper (Norfolk) and Fred Whiting (Suffolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket





TSCD660  Who's That at my Bed Window?



Cover picture

An anthology of 'Songs of love & amorous encounters'

Includes: Bob Hart (Suffolk), Geoff Ling (Suffolk), Jumbo Brightwell (Suffolk), Phoebe Smith (Suffolk) and Walter Pardon ( Norfolk)

Tracks from East Anglia - £13.99 incl. UK P+P Add to Basket






TSCD661  My Father's the King of the Gypsies


Cover picture

An anthology of 'Music of English & Welsh travellers & gypsies' 

Includes three tracks of  Phoebe Smith (Suffolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket






TSCD662 We've Received Orders to Sail



Cover picture

An anthology of songs of 'Jackie Tar at sea & on shore'

Includes: Jumbo Brightwell (Suffolk), Harry Cox (Norfolk), Sam Larner (Norfolk), Cyril Poacher (Suffolk), Bob Hart (Suffolk), Walter Bulwer (Norfolk) and George Ling (Suffolk).


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket





TSCD664 Troubles They Are But Few



Cover picture

An anthology of 'Dance tunes & ditties'

Includes: Jumbo Brightwell (Suffolk), Walter Pardon (Norfolk), Percy Brown (Norfolk), Font Whatling & Wattie Wright (Suffolk) and Albert Smith (Suffolk).


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket





TSCD665 As Me and My Love Sat Courting


Cover picture

An anthology of 'Songs of love, courtship & marriage'

Includes two tracks from Walter Pardon (Norfolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket






TSCD667 It Fell on a Bonny Summer Day


Cover picture

An anthology of 'Ballads'

Includes: Walter Pardon (Norfolk) and Harry Cox (Norfolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket






TSCD668 To Catch a Fine Buck Was my Delight


Cover picture

An anthology of 'Songs of hunting & poaching'

Includes: Bob Roberts (Suffolk), Jimmy Knights (Suffolk) Walter Pardon (Norfolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket






TSCD670 There is a Man Upon the Farm



Cover picture

An anthology of 'Working men & women in song'

Includes: Ted Laurence (Norfolk) and Jumbo Brightwell (Suffolk)


Tracks from East Anglia - £12.99 + P&P Add to Basket











ENB3 Many a Good Horseman  


 'A Survey of Traditional Music Making in Mid-Suffolk' - John Howson

Detailed information and reminiscences from a lively musical tradition. Includes over 100 photos.




Veteran A4 - £4.95 + P&P Add to Basket

or with the double CD VTDC8CD - £19.99 + P&P Add to Basket 






ENB20 Blyth Voices  


This book focuses on songs noted down by Ralph Vaughan Williams who visited Southwold in Suffolk in 1910. He collected fifteen items from local fishermen particularly the Hurr family. The book contains scores for all the songs, plus lyrics & notes and also photographs and biographies of the singers. (2003, republished 2008)




EATMT A5 48pp - £5.99 + P&P


Add to Basket




ENB25 The Brightest of Entertainers


A history of dancing dolls, also known as jig dolls, by Rennie and Pat Pickles. The only serious book on this subject, with copious photographs and illustrations.


A5 56pp - £5.00 + P&P


Currently out of stock pending republication.





ENB29 Before the Night Was Out   


Before the Night Was Out aims to shed light on the way in which traditional music in Suffolk and Norfolk has thrived and mutated during the twentieth century, as well as providing a resource for practising musicians.

It includes:

- Polkas, hornpipes, jigs, schottisches and waltzes, including comparative versions, transcribed from recordings of more than twenty different melodeon players, fiddlers and dulcimer players

- Biographies, photographs and contextual information about the East Anglian musical tradition, plus a comprehensive discography
- Fascinating details about the musical, social and geographical journeys these tunes have made through time

- Guidance on how to interpret and play this music


For more details, click here.


EATMT A4 104pp - £17.95 + P&P



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 Miscellaneous   View Basket



EATMTM2 Stepdance Postcard




Stepdance postcard, designed by Bill Smith.


£1.50 for 5, post free in UK, when ordered with other items. Add to Basket

£6.00 for 20, post free in UK, when ordered with other items. Add to Basket















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