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'Before the Night Was Out ...'




3. Gay Ladies Polka

Part of the score is missing from the book. Click here to view the additional parts.


15. Redwing

The verse of the tune is taken from Schumann's piano piece, The Merry Peasant.

(Information from Rollo Woods, whose father knew the song, with variant words from the 1914-18 war.)


57b. Dulcie Bell (Billy Bennington)

In the third line, 5th bar, the last crotchet should be a C, not a D. It is given correctly in the coda, in the 5th bar of the last line of music on the page.

(Note from Steve Dumpleton, transcriber for the project.)


63. Waltz Veleta

This is section 1 (of 4) of the Inspiration Veleta, composed by Luke Cavendish Everett, published in 1904 and dedicated to Arthur Morris (composer of the original Veleta dance).

(Information from Rollo Woods.)



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