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Twenty Four Country Dances for the Year 1812

Printed and sold by J. Gray, Bury St Edmunds


Index of dances and tunes


The key signature given below is as in the original.


When you click through to the individual tune, you will find both the original page (with dance instructions) and, where appropriate, a transcription in a key more likely to find favour with contemporary folk instrumentation. This is a work in progress, and all should be up here before the end of 2012.


If anyone recognises the tunes as versions of something else, or has any additional information, we would love to hear from you- please email us.


In alphabetical order:


Title                                                 Key      Bars     Time signature           Attribution


Argyll Rout (The)                               G          32        6/8

A Trip to Hengrave                            Bb        32        2/4                               J Reeve

Bury Assembly                                  G          32        2/4                               J Reeve

Bury Volunteers Hornpipe (The)       F          24        C                                  JG

Caledonia Reel (The)                          G          16        C

Comet (The)                                       A          32        6/8

Dance of Herana (The)                        F           32        2/4

Drops of Old Port (The)                       C           32        2/4

Epping Hunt                                      C           32        2/4

Epsom Lass                                      F           32        2/4                               SP

Excisemanís Rout (The)                     G           32        2/4

First of January 1812 (The)                  A          16        6/8                               J Reeve

Frank Oatlandís Waltz                        F          16        3/4                               SP

General Grahamís Hornpipe                F           32        C

Hamton Court Frolicks                      Bb         32        6/8                               J Crask

Marshal Baresfordís Fancy                  C          32        2/4

Miss Teptops Reel                              Bb        24        C                                 JG

New Forest (The)                                F          32        2/4

Oakwood House                                 G          32        6/8

R.L. Spencer (The)                             C           32        2/4                               JC

Savoy (The)                                        F          32        2/4

Story Gate                                        C           32        2/4                              SP

Victory (The)                                       Bb        32        6/8

Windsor Waltz                                    Bb        48        3/8




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