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What are the musical traditions of East Anglia?

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Melodeons and More 2015


Melodeons and More 2014


Melodeons and More 2013


Melodeon maintenance days


Melodeon makers courses


Melodeons and More  - photos of past events


Melodeon evening classes in Suffolk

Melodeons & More







This event started in March 2000, with 40 people attending a master class by Tony Hall during the day and a ceilidh with Old Hat in the evening.


It has since expanded to include different levels and subjects, and from 2004 has also provided classes for concertina players.


The event also provides a unique chance to browse amongst trade stalls and try out new instruments, buy books and accessories etc.


In the evening the Squeezebox Special concert has now become a very popular event in its own right.




The next Melodeons and More will be on Saturday 21st March 2015.


Look out for further information in December about the 2015 Melodeons and More (concertinas!) day on Saturday 21st March.


This will be our sixteenth workshop day, and will once again be in Mendlesham near Stowmarket.


Guest tutors confirmed so far, who will be appearing in the Squeezebox Special concert in the evening as well as teaching all sorts of subjects during the day, include the wonderful John Kirkpatrick, concertina maestros Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham and Gavin Atkin.




Melodeons and More 2014


Saturday 22nd March 2014


Our brilliant and talented tutors for Melodeons and More 2014 are: Tony Hall, Brian Peters, Andy Turner, Alex Goldsmith, Steve Dumpleton, Owen Woods, Terry Mann, Katie Howson, Rees Wesson, Paul Johnson and Alan Wood. Booking opens on Friday 10th January for Friends of EATMT, who have a priority booking period until Friday 24th January. Booking opens for non-members on Monday 27th January.


The Squeezebox Special concert will feature Tony Hall, Brian Peters, Andy Turner, Owen Woods and a rare duo performance from Rees Wesson and Steve Dumpleton.


Melodeons and More 2014 will be followed by a Maintenance Day for melodeons and concertinas on 23rd March, with Rees Wesson and Martyn White. Please click here for details.




2014 Workshops


2014 Tutors

Booking & Payment Details

Teaching styles



Music Market

Squeezebox Special Concert

Location and facilities

Booking Form


Melodeons and More 2014



2014 Workshops




We’ve changed this slightly this year - please look for the appropriate number next to each class.

Level 1 - Absolute beginners: you’ve probably never tried the instrument in question before and teaching will literally start with “which way is up”. For these classes only, instruments are provided (you can bring your own, but it needs to be a C melodeon / C&G anglo concertina).

Level 2 - Inexperienced: you can play a few tunes but not very confidently. This year we have reinstated a full day workshop option at this level with the talented and patient Steve Dumpleton, which will go at a nice slow pace.

Level 3 - Intermediate: you’ve been playing for a while and have a reasonable grasp of basic techniques and are ready for some new ideas and challenges .

Level 4 - You’re quite an experienced player, wishing to explore some of the trickier aspects of the music and get some new ideas and inspiration.

Teaching styles Workshops vary in style, but all classes include demonstration and some participation, and are largely taught by ear in the class itself. Written music is provided by some tutors, where appropriate, and we send out recordings and notes in advance (not 8 or 16).




1. (Level 2/3) “Nuggets from the North”: Brian Peters (D/G melodeon)
Rousing dance tunes from old Northern English collections - easy to slightly trickier.

2. (Level 2/3) “The Other Eight Buttons”: Terry Mann (D/G melodeon) FULL (5.2.14)
Left hand bass & chords, with practical applications to some well-known and not so well-known tunes.

3. (Level 3/4) “Right Hand Harmony: How to Fake it!”: Owen Woods (D/G melodeon) Nearly full (13.2.14)
Investigating how to add interesting harmonies on the right hand.

4. (Level 3/4) “Playing in Second Position”: Rees Wesson (D/G melodeon or D one-row)
Playing in A major and F# minor, Including a tune from the west of Ireland and some funky Zydeco!

5. (Level 2/3/4) “Out of Puff”: Alex Goldsmith (D/G melodeon)
Exploring the use of the air button and the bellows.

6. (Level 2) “Firm Foundations Part 1”: Steve Dumpleton (D/G melodeon) (bookable only with no.14)
Working at a steady pace, using simple tunes to consolidate and build upon basic techniques.

7. (Level 2/3/4) “Put Some Punch in your Playing”: Andy Turner (concertina)
How to enliven your music, in particular for dancing. See note below re instruments.

8. (Level 1) Absolute Beginners Melodeon: Alan Wood (C melodeon - provided)




9. (Level 2/3/4) “Getting to Grips with the One-Row”: Katie Howson (C melodeon - loans available)
Have you got a one-row you hardly use? Looking at the puzzles and delights of the one-row style.

10. (Level 2/3) “Why did the Melodeon Player Cross the Row?”: Alex Goldsmith (D/G melodeon) Nearly full (13.2.14)
Alex will lead you through some alternative fingerings to get you thinking about the whole instrument.

11. (Level 2/3/4) “Arpeggios and Ting”: Rees Wesson (D/G melodeon)
Many traditional tunes work round arpeggios (the notes in a chord). Rees helps you look at relating these
to the left hand, using some new self-penned tunes.

12. (Level 3/4) “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Tony Hall”: Tony Hall (D/G melodeon) FULL (13.2.14)
A glimpse into the musical workings of Tony’s mind! Demonstration and participation.

13. (Level 3/4) “Squeezin’ the Blues”: Brian Peters (D/G melodeon)
The melodeon was just made for blues playing - here's how to do it! See note below re instruments.

14. (Level 2) “Firm Foundations Part 2”: Steve Dumpleton (D/G melodeon) (bookable only with no.6)
Still at a steady pace; taking things a bit further, and beginning to explore the potential of the melodeon.

15. (Level 2/3/4) “ Waltzing’s for Dreamers”: Andy Turner (concertina)
Lovely tunes in 3/4 timing: waltzes, mazurkas & varsovianas. See note below re instruments.

16. (Level 1) Absolute Beginners Anglo-concertina: Paul Johnson (C/G anglo-concertina - provided)




2014 Tutors




Tony Hall


(12.“Welcome to the Wonderful World of Tony Hall”)

Tony is a simply astonishing musician, coaxing wonderful

interpretations of an eclectic mix of music from a
squeezebox that just seems impossible to most of us.


His rare workshops are an experience not to be
missed: expect entertainment and inspiration in equal

measures and an insight into a rare musical talent.







Brian Peters


1. “Nuggets from the North”

13. “Squeezin’ the Blues”

Brian’s body of work as a professional musician for over

20 years encompasses an amazing breadth of styles

including masterful song accompaniment, northern English

dance music, blues and rock’n’roll.


In workshops, he aims to teach tunes which are valuable

also as illustrations of technical and stylistic points.




Andy Turner


7. “Put Some Punch in Your Playing”

15. “Waltzing’s for Dreamers”

Andy is a leading exponent of the English style on the

anglo concertina, recently described in the EFDSS

magazine as: “one of the most graceful of players”.


Based near Oxford, he is an experienced morris musician,
a member of ceilidh band Geckoes and singer and

musician with concert band Magpie Lane.





Alex Goldsmith


 5. “Out of Puff”

10. “Why Did the Melodeon Player Cross the Rows?”

Alex lives in Suffolk, where he plays and teaches, having

recently spent several years touring with the band Mawkin.

He has become a sought after tutor at Melodeons and More

since running his first workshop here in 2010.






Rees Wesson


4. ”Playing in Second Position”

11. “Arpeggio and Ting”

One of our most popular regular tutors, this year Rees celebrates 25 years on the road with his Louisiana Zydeco band, Joe Le Taxi.


Rees also likes to relax in his workshop, making Wesson

Clipper melodeons.






Owen Woods


3. “Right Hand Harmony: How to Fake it!”

Owen Woods is an extremely talented young musician living

in Cambridge, who’s already acquiring a huge reputation

amongst fellow musicians. He is that rare thing: a solo

melodeon player who does not sing!







Terry Mann


2. "The Other Eight Buttons”

Another locally based tutor making his first visit is

multi-instrumentalist Terry, who played melodeon

in the funky ceilidh band Gas Mark V in the late

80s & 90s and has also played with Boldwood

and Blowzabella.







Katie Howson


9. “Getting to Grips with the One-Row”


Katie is a renowned one-row player in the East Anglian

style, and an experienced tutor. She led the Old Hat
Concert Party and Old Hat Dance Band, and currently

lays in ceilidh bands Katie’s Quartet and PolkaWorks.








Steve Dumpleton


6. & 14. “Firm Foundations”

Steve lives in Sheffield and plays for morris and ceilidh dancing .

He has taught here regularly and has a real talent for explaining

things clearly.


This year he takes a whole day class for inexperienced melodeonists.






Alan Wood


8.Absolute Beginners Melodeon

A great enthusiast and experienced teacher, Alan has led this

class for us before and we’re glad to welcome him back.


He lives in South Lincolnshire and plays for dancing and

song accompaniment.








Paul Johnson


16.Absolute Beginners Anglo Concertina

Paul plays for cotswold, longsword and north west morris teams

in Suffolk and has recently taken to passing on some of his skills

by teaching melodeon to beginners for EATMT’s series of

evening classes.










Booking & Payment Details


(1) Post us your booking form and a cheque payable to EATMT.

(2) Email your booking form and pay through your internet bank account: give us a ring or email to facilitate this.

(3) Post your booking from and pay by credit or debit card: fill in the card payment form as well as the booking form. A handling fee of £2 per booking is payable on all card transactions.

(4) Email your booking form and pay by credit or debit card: give us a ring or email to make a payment by card. A handling fee of £2 per booking is payable on all card transactions.


Please not that our office is not staffed fulltime, so if you ring us, you may well get through to the answerphone - please leave a message for us.


There is a priority booking period for Friends of EATMT until Friday 24th January; bookings for non- Friends will not be confirmed until after 27th January.


Confirmations will be emailed to you unless you send an S.A.E. Workshop CDs and concert tickets are posted in late February.

Please select one morning and one afternoon workshop and indicate your 1st and 2nd choice for each period. Please note "Firm Foundations" Parts One & Two (workshops 6 & 14) may only be booked together. The latest availability is posted on this page in the "Workshop Details" section, so you might like to check here before making your selection.


Click here to go to a printable booking form.

Teaching styles


Workshops vary in style, but all classes include demonstration and participation, and are largely taught by ear in the class itself. Written music is provided by some tutors, where
appropriate, and we send out recordings and notes about a month in advance. (Not 7, 8 or 16).



Instruments Most workshops are instrument-specific, but one or two are open to players of concertinas and melodeons (7, 13, 15). In these cases, workshops will focus on musical matters rather than specific instrumental techniques, and there will be no “technical support” for instruments other than the main one specified below.



The day runs from 9.45 to 5.30. Workshops run 10.30-12.15 and 2.15-4.00, with an informal workshop showcase from 4.30-5.30. Over the lunch break you can take a stroll, have a dance, call or a play at the “scratch” ceilidh, play in a session or browse the stalls. The evening concert runs from 8pm -11pm.


Music Market


There will be a chance to browse specialist stalls at the Music Market, which is open until 4.30. If you’re not attending workshops but would like to look at the stalls, you are welcome from 10.45 onwards. Stalls already confirmed include: Wesson Accordions: melodeon builders; Veteran: CDs, DVDs and books; Hedingham Fair: t-shirts, cards, books, gifts; Black Diamond Accordions: melodeon and piano accordion sales; Hobgoblin: folk music specialists; Pete Grassby and Mike Acott Concertinas: instrument sales, restoration and repairs.


Squeezebox Special Concert


Sit back and enjoy some of the best traditional music from across England. Whether you want to relax after a hard day in the workshops or just join us for a good evening’s entertainment, the line-up of guests offers a truly impressive array of talents - both instrumental and singing.


The 2014 Squeezebox Special concert features Tony Hall, Brian Peters, Andy Turner, Owen Woods and Rees Wesson & Steve Dumpleton.

Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm kick-off and there’s a real ale bar all evening and a CD stall open before the concert starts and in the interval. Tickets can be bought in combination with a day workshop for the best rates, or tickets for the concert only are available at £13.50 or, for concessions (Friends of EATMT / OAPs / students / unemployed) it’s just £12.50, so why not bring your friends and family?


Location and facilities


The event is once again held in the village of Mendlesham, five miles from Stowmarket, where there is a rail station and bus links. The event takes place in the Community Centre & St. Joseph’s Centre and in the United Reform Church, both just across the road from the Community Centre. The post code for the Community Centre is IP14 5RT.


The Community Centre is fully equipped for wheelchair users. St Josephs Centre and the United Reform Church are accessible to wheelchair users but have no other facilities. Mendlesham has many historic buildings including two pubs and is known for its unique armoury, housed in the church. The village has a fish & chip shop and a shop with cash facilities.


If you need somewhere to stay locally, you can take a look at this accommodation list or contact Mid Suffolk Tourist Information: ring 01449 676800 or email tic@midsuffolk.gov.uk


Refreshments are provided during the day, and lunch may be booked in advance (see booking form). There will be a real ale bar open over lunchtime and during the evening concert. Details about early evening meals for workshop attenders who are staying on for the concert will be sent to you well before the event.



Click here for a printable booking form

Click here for details of accommodation in the vicinity




Melodeon Maintenance Days


We are proud to lead the way in melodeon skills yet again, by hosting the first ever workshop days for melodeon players to learn about maintaining their instruments. The first such event was held in 2009.


The latest one was on Sunday 23rd March 2014.


During the day, there was a mixture of demonstration and practical work, with the aim of help participants to identify and evaluate problems and learn some of the recommended methods for maintenance and repairs, including tuning.


The day was led by Rees Wesson and Martin White. Concertina players were also be accommodated: although there were no concertina-specific sessions, much of the content was applicable to both types of instrument.

Click here for full details.



Melodeon makers courses


In March 2007, we were proud to be able to offer a unique opportunity in the UK. Eight people joined a course taught by French instrument-maker and musician, Emmanuel Pariselle, to make their own high-quality one row melodeon. The course ran again in 2008, 2010 and 2013 and we are running another in October 2014.


Click here for further details.



Melodeons and More  - photos of past events


EATMT resident photographer John Halliday has posted a set of photos on Facebook, which anyone can access by clicking here. Videos of several of the workshops playing for the afternoon showcase have been posted by one of the course participants on Youtube - follow this link and you will find several examples (not always labelled very accurately!)

To see photos from previous events on Facebook, you can click on the following links: Photos from the 2012 event   Photographs of Melodeons and More 2009   Melodeons and More 2007


Melodeon evening classes


We run regular evening classes in Stowmarket, in the centre of Suffolk - at present they run on Tuesday evenings and we are catering for beginners/improvers and intermediate levels. Click here for details of the current courses.



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What are the musical traditions of East Anglia?

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